Communication and Studio Hours

Studio Hours: M-F 10am to 4pm EST | Create Support Ticket

Communication is vital to the whole process. We are available Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm. In order to respect work/life balance we don’t work on weekends or holidays. We have an open communication policy to our current clients. If you need to call we recommend texting or emailing to schedule an appointment time length is 15 minutes per discussion. If something needs to be fixed we will disconnect and confirm via email or text that the task has been completed and recorded for approval and design records. If you need time beyond 15 minutes there may be an additional fee for each 15 minutes consulting and troubleshooting. We respond to emails 24-48 hours. For a faster response email is best! Once you sign on and submit a question form located in the KM Creative dashboard.  This is also great way to keep track of any discussions to refer back to as notes or a reminder. It is vital we keep track of all information so we do not repeat questions or miss important information. It is important to email us as a new composed note per question/topic. There are times we have to search the inbox and keywords are important. Example Photos for about us, social media links, etc. Labeling / Titles in your emails are helpful. You can simply respond to an email or support message however, if you are requesting something please try to compose a new note and be accurate as possible.

Confidentiality & Final Files

All communication between you, the client, and KM Creative is confidential unless otherwise communicated. Any ideas, visions, graphics, photos, verbiage, passwords, financial information, addresses, email addresses, etc are confidential and will not be released. Once we are completed with your project we advise you to change any passwords for your hosting, website logins, etc. We will post the finish project on our website in our portfolio and in social media. If you opt to have your project posted in our portfolio and opt to have our name, link and other social media, text or link on your project there will be an additional fee of $250 for graphics and $500 for websites. This fee is due prior to starting your project. Posting your project in our portfolio is our way of obtaining new customers as well as free exposure for you and your business.

Turn Around Time, Timeline, & Rush Fee

What is your turnaround time, rush fee and or restart fee?

Please note we are timely with request. Turnaround times vary depending on projects. Small graphics such as logos, flyers or templates, business cards, and web graphics out of others are generally delivered within 24-48 hours of payment. New web design or large graphic design projects such as stand banners, billboards, will take longer to develop and will be discussed prior to beginning generally 3 to 7 days. All turnaround times will be discussed or posted prior to starting and outlined in your agreement. If more time is needed we will communicate that with you. If more time is needed from you. Please note there is a restart fee of $150 for projects delayed 10 days and further. If there is no response on communication from you on your project after multiple attempts your project is forfeited and if you choose there is a restart fee of $200. But, to respect work life balance, in the event there is urgency depending on scope of project and timeline rush fee starts at $80. Please schedule appropriate time to submit request and have all your details ready.

Our Design Credits

We work hard to deliver you high qualitypersonalized and custom work that you are proud of. We spend a great deal of time on your project and at times become emotionally attached to your journey and vision. We are eager to complete it so you can show off your new images! We are also eager to display your beautiful project in our portfolio. We are proud of our work! If for any reason due to privacy reasons or any personal reason you opt to have us display your project in our portfolio or make any announcements via social media, there will be a fee of $250 for graphics and $500 for printed materials and websites. The full amount is due with your first deposit (or upon completion if you decide not). If you decided to keep our design link on your website must be no smaller than 10pt font, legible font and visible on every page (We will display it in the footer). Please do not remove unless our work has been removed from the website. If we discover that our link was removed, per your agreement, you will be charged $350, legal action will be taken and the client is expected to cover all legal fees. If we design a book cover or e-book our information should be listed in your credits. We do not require links or our name on flyers, business cards, product labels, web graphics, printed materials. If you are unsure please ask!

Ownership, Copyrights, & File Types

What is my ownership, copyrights, and file types you provide?

You have full ownership of any completed project to use as you desire that are paid for. We only supply the following file types. .ai .png .gif .jpg .pdf .tiff .eps .mov .mp4. If you are unsure and need a special file type please contact us. We do not supply you with root files. No coding, psd files or layered .ai files will be delivered. Root files are available for additional cost starting at $150. The root/raw design files belong to KM Creative. Files are distributed in .zip files packaged and stored beautifully. We generally keep files for up to 3 months our storage. We do this as a courtesy to our potential returning clients. However, we are not obligated to store your designs. If they should become damaged or deleted and you are in need you must pay to have them redone as new design work.

Quotes, Final Files & Payment Form

How long are your quotes and what are your payment terms and fees?

Our quotes arevalid for 10 days dated on your proposal. In order to start your project, a deposit of 50% of project total is required to start project (including additional fees or add-ons if applies) refer back to your proposal for your exact amount. All final files will be released after final payment is made in a packaged .zip file. Payments are made through Credit and or Debit Cards (unless otherwise noted). For your specific job, a payment structure has been identified. Please follow your structure and do not deviate.  Due dates and project times are based off of your payment plan and personal projects. If a project is delayed off of timeline please not a restart fee will apply to your project starting at $150. Please note a late fee of 20% is added to total amount if not paid by due date. Any late payments past 30 days, an additional late fee of 30% is applied making your new late fee total 50% in addition to your project total.

Refunds and Cancellations

What is your return and cancellations policy?

There are no refunds. Client approveall stages of work; thus, we rarely experience the refund stage. If you are not happy with the results, we will work until you are satisfied (extra fee may apply). Please become familiar with our portfolio and design style before purchasing our products. There must be an understanding of your vision prior to starting. You may request a cancellation of services before your deposit is submitted. All unfinished projects and files are property of KM Creative. Depending on stages of cancellations and reasons for cancelled projects KM Creative is happy to assist your sanctification for your project.