Discovery Call

After you’ve filled out a discovery form, settled on a potential package with a project timeline, you will receive an email asking for further information to schedule a discovery call or  a quick get-to-know-you phone call, where we can talk about the design you need, and ask each other questions about the project to see if we are a good fit. Once, the phone call is complete a payment is required to begin project.


After our consult, a Proposal is sentto approve which will show you the basic details included in that package again, and allow you to pay the deposit required that will get you in our schedule, or you can choose to pay for the project in full at that time.

Client Portal Access

A customized contract and proposal specific to your project is in your client portal, that protects both our rights. You’ll need to read through & understand this as we work together. Client portal access is grant.

Project Management

Depending on the scope of your project and which package you chose (this excludes the simple Logo Design Package), 1 of 2 things will help us keep the project organized and on track:

1) invite you to a team board via Asana, our project management system (don’t worry, it’s free & easy!) there you’ll have a place to go & add files/attachments to help with color, font & style inspiration, comment on submitted proofs, and more. The client portal is additional project management.

2) email you simple online proof forms that show the design and have room to leave comments or suggestions.


Communication and scheduling is vital to the whole process. We outline the schedule based off your timeline. We also understand when things happen.Please ensure you communicate with us to reflect and update your schedule and to avoid additional fees.

Most of my design packagesrequire some specific feedback from you so we can customize the design to fit your needs specifically. You’ll receive homework from us (after you approve the proposal) that you’ll need to finish prior to us getting started, such as a questionnaire/survey, where We pick your brain, a lot.

For larger projects, there may be a project management board to upload inspiration imagery and/or website content, and an in-depth design questionnaire to fill out. You’ve done some aspect of this, if you’ve paid your deposit.

Every stage is approved and under your direction. Please ensure you are communicating effectively so that we can exceed your expectations.

Final Payment

Before I hand over final files, and/or transfer the website ownership to you, you must complete the final payment. Afterward, I will send you a link to an online folder, where you can download all the final files, and if applicable to your project, I will transfer ownership of project. For additional projects ensure you understand licensing and commercial rights terms.

File Hand-off

For Logo and Branding packages, after file hand-off we’ll recommend to you which file formats are typically used in different situations so you can be prepared to use the files we hand over in the best ways possible.

For Website Design Packages, after site hand-off, we can walk you through how to use your new website on the back end via video tutorials, or an in-person meeting if you’re local. Don’t worry, it’s super easy and intuitive, both for the “green” and the “experienced,” which is one of the many reasons we love how we work!

*(If for any reason you feel that you might need help while you learn your way around, we can be added as an Admin on your site for a period of time, in order to be able to access it and help you with any potential issue you may be having, at a monthly or one-time fee.)